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Walker and Paul

The firm that became Walker and Paul was founded in 1964 by Jesse D. Walker (1917-1981), after completing 30 years of service in the U.S. Navy.  Jesse was joined by his son-in-law, Edward F. Paul in 1970. Ed brought his finance background to the company and together, over the next several years, they syndicated residential housing and developed the management side of the business to accommodate their needs and the needs of their clients.  Ed received the CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation in 1979.

As a locally owned and operated family business, now in its 3rd generation, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the community. Either as a tenant or an owner you will have the knowledge of our professional and experienced team many of whom were locally born and raised.  Having grown up and lived most of our lives on the Oxnard Plain, we have established strong working relationships with vendors, local government, law enforcement, and the military community.

Today the company is owned and operated by Jesse’s granddaughter and Ed’s daughter, Denise Paul-Elliott. Denise joined the firm in 1987 after graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in business and several years of experience in retail management. She is a licensed broker and has received local recognition by being named Oxnard’s Distinguished Citizen of the Year in 1997.  In 1998 Denise, was honored with the Oxnard Police and Fire Chief’s Award as well as the Jaqueline Onassis Foundation Jefferson Award for her community service and was recently inducted into the Oxnard High School Alumni Hall of Fame. She enjoys an excellent relationship with local and regional community leaders and representatives’ as well as first responders. Ed can’t seem to fully retire and can be found helping out in the office several days each week.

Several of our staff are bilingual and available to help answer tenant questions and assist in handling work orders and inspections.

Our present management portfolio consists primarily of residential units (Houses, Condos and Apartments) with some commercial management of office spaces, strip centers and retail sites.  Brokerage services are provided to our clients for resale, acquisition of additional properties or for our tenants as their living needs change.

We are able to provide on-line services to owners and tenants alike.  Whether it is a rent payment or an owner review of his/her property records and statements, your information is only a click away!